The Weather & The Best Choices Of Clothing

Snowy path in the woods

Snowy path in the woodsWearing appropriate clothing while running is important as it helps to prevent the weather conditions from having a negative effect on your workout.

The type of clothing you pick should depend on the weather, but in any case it is important to avoid clothes made from cotton. The reason to say “bye bye” to your favorite cotton t-shirt when you decide to work out is because cotton will not wick away the moisture. If you’re just going to be jogging around the block it might not be a problem, but when you really push yourself you will find yourself drenched with sweat at the end of it.


Can’t Stand The Heat?

The following clothing should be “compression” clothing with nylon and elastane as the material, usually in a blend of around 80% nylon and 20% elastane.

Less is more when running in hot, balmy, or “neutral” weather, women should consider a sports bra first and foremost, and in addition a tank top or a light short-sleeved shirt with capri-pants. Men should consider running shorts, and running pants will do fine, including short-sleeved shirts. The same applies even when the outside temperature falls down to the upper 50s.


Brrr… Clothing For Chilly Days!

When It’s Mildly Cold…

Mildly cold weather (we’re talking upper to mid 40’s) may require a base layer at most. Avoid undershirts made from cotton that might induce sweat, as this might cause your body to compensate by using the same energy reserves your body needs to run to keep warm instead. Consider long-sleeve nylon shirts and a waterproof covering. Women might want to consider wearing nylon leggings, capri-pants, running pants, or long tights.

When It’s Chilly…

For outdoor weather ranging from 20 to 40 Fahrenheit, consider two long sleeved shirts with a thin layer sandwiched in between optionally. Try wool underwear and long socks under tights or pants. It’s also a good idea to buy a long-sleeve top, I recommend the Element Half-Zip by Nike.


For very cold weather, it is recommended for most people to run indoors if possible. Almost all gyms have an area for treadmills, or some sports centers have indoor running tracks. If you have to be outside in weather below 25 Fahrenheit, consider waterproof pants in addition to long tights and long socks that extend halfway between the knees (or extend all the way to the knee), a jacket that covers the neck, and a shirt tucked into your pants. Gloves, sunglasses, a neck warmer, and a running cap are also necessary.

Where to Buy Clothing

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